One-To-One Photography Training Workshops

If you would like more help in a particular area of photography then a 1-2-1 Photography Training session could be just what you need. We can follow the outline of one of our regular group workshops, or create a training session specifically on the areas of photography that you want to develop. You will leave with greater knowledge about your camera and how to create the type of images you want, which will in turn make you feel more confident about taking photographs that you are really proud of. 


You will learn: 

  • How to use your camera in manual mode;

Camera set up

ISO and white balance 


Shutter speed

Custom settings

  • What equipment is right for the type of photos you want to create

You will also;

  • Take part in a practical outdoor session

  • Have an image review to finish

The session includes handouts and teas/coffees. 

Training sessions are held Mon-Fri 10 - 1 (3 hours training), and will take place around Sheffield or in the Peak District.

We have an offer on for the Summer period, please sign up to find out more.


These 1-2-1 training sessions are aimed at those who are at a beginners and intermediate level, places are limited.

Gift vouchers are available if you are purchasing a session as a gift for someone.

1-2-1’s are run solely by Jess.

I was slightly anxious before my session with Jess, as I have no experience in photography at all beyond taking snaps! I had watched some short videos on how to use the camera (I had never used a DSLR either) and I was convinced I would be using the pre-set settings. But I was delighted that Jess told me we were going to learn how to use the manual settings, learning from scratch!

It was brilliant. Jess took me for a cup of tea and went through all the settings and gave me cheat sheets to help me remember. But by far the most helpful part was having a go. Having the privilege of having a photographer of Jess’s quality helping me to understand the camera, light and framing was wonderful. Who knew that I could take pictures like those?

Since my session I have continued to practise and I am determined to improve. I’d like to get back to Jess to learn some more new skills!
— Anne Cooper